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microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22

Our beauty room is based in London N10 Muswell Hill
in Kay and Kompany Organic Hair and beauty salon

Our microblading eyebrow technician Dovile is a perfectionist and specialise in a new technique semi-permanent eyebrows with the microblading/micropigmentation method. This process produces a great look compared to the standard eyebrow tattoo.

Dovile is discreet and approachable, and she offers complimentary, non-obligatory consultations for anyone wishing to discuss the semi permanent eyebrow tattoo. All aspects of the treatment are discussed, brow design and colour can be agreed, and all questions will be honestly answered.
Meet Dovile


microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22
Microblading for eyebrows is believed to have emerged in Asia a long time ago. So what is microblading? It is a permanent makeup technique that creates the appearance of eyebrow hair. 

Microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow tattoo or hair stroke eyebrows. Due to microblading natural looking results, it has become extremely popular in the world. 

Microblading does not involve the use of a machine; it is performed by a permanent makeup technician using a hand tool. This tool is known as micbroblading pen and has needles attached to it. 

The person performing such procedure must have artistic skills and a great eye for detail. They have to make sure the hair strokes they draw on the eyebrow area look natural and are precise length, colour, and shape.

The final look is waterproof and won’t rub off so you can look good 24/7. Whether your brows are too fair, over-plucked, poorly shaped or have disappeared due to cancer treatments or alopecia, microblading is a great solution.

How Do I Choose MicrobladE Technicians?

Take your time to choose the right microblading specialist to suit you. Don’t just focus on the lowest price. They need to be trained, fully experienced and have full knowledge of this fine art. Most of all, they have to be professional.

As with any cosmetic tattooing, the technician is responsible for making sure that needles are sterile and single use. Disinfection of the area of the skin before the procedure is a must. 

It is recommended to choose the right technician for your eyebrow tattoo. Check the reviews, licences and the standard of training they received.

Technicians use a numbing solution, but people could still experience a little discomfort during the procedure. Microblading eyebrows may last up to 2 years, and it requires an annual touch up every year to retain the shape and colour.


Eyebrows play a crucial part in accentuating and framing the eyes, but unfortunately, we are not all blessed with perfect brows.

A hair stroke eyebrow tattoo can enhance as well as correct imperfections and flaws, such as naturally sparse, missing, over-plucked, over-waxed, fair coloured or unsymmetrical brows, to create natural and realistic hair stroke eyebrows using microblading, as well as powdered effect eyebrows and ombre eyebrows.

What Does Semi-Permanent Microblading Eyebrow Makeup Involve?

Microblading, also known as an eyebrow tattoo, implants pigment under the skin using a specially designed handheld tool with disposable micro-blades.

The technique allows a skilled semi-permanent make-up artist to draw super fine individual hair strokes to create a realistic and natural finish, also known as hair stroke eyebrows.

The technique used for powdered and ombre eyebrows gives a lightly pencilled in effect.

Advantages of Microblading

  • Hair strokes are 3 times thinner and more realistic than tattoo semi-permanent make up hair strokes
  • Remains of 11-18 months, pigment, does not change colour
  • There is no tattoos effect
  • The procedure is painless and is performed much faster than micropigmentation
  • Fusion is avoided.

Will MicrobladE 
Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Hurt?

Some people can experience a little discomfort during the semi-permanent makeup eyebrows procedure; others do not – it just depends on the person. 

However, the discomfort is no worse than having your eyebrows plucked, and we apply a numbing agent to the area to make it as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

How Long Do Semi-Permanent Microblading Eyebrows Last?

On average, expected time until a new colour refreshment is between 10 and 12 months. With oily skin, it is up to 6 months.

The healing is fully complete after 28 days, and this is when we perform an essential addition of the pigment that has been lost. lost. With problematic and oily skins, we can have several additions (corrections).

Post-treatment flow makes 70% of the treatment’s success. Conscientiously obey advice, because if you don’t do so, you may lose up to 80% of drawn strokes. Rinsing and applying creams is of great importance.

How Do I Decide On The Colour and Shape of My Eyebrows?

microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22
Working closely with Dovile, our experienced Microblading technicians in the beauty room London. You will together determine the perfect shape, style, and color of the eyebrow to suit the look you want to achieve.

Whether you are looking for a dramatically bold eyebrow or an understated natural finish, Dovile will design the perfect hair stroke eyebrows to enhance your natural features and mix the perfect colour pigment to complement your skin tone.


As Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrows can last a year or two, you will have perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that only require an annual touch up to maintain their shape and colour.

A hair stroke eyebrow tattoo is the perfect solution for those looking for instantly beautiful, sculpted semi-permanent makeup eyebrows that require virtually no maintenance.

How You should prepare for the procedure

Before performing the procedure, it is essential to avoid sunbathing for one week.

Avoid waxing or tinting the eyebrows for about 3 days before the treatment.

It is recommended not to drink coffee and other drinks consisting caffeine for 24 hours before the procedure. 

You should avoid any substances, which could dissolve the blood (e.g. aspirin); also alcohol, weighty foods, and medicines which impact vessel dilatation should be avoided.

Microblading cannot be performed onto an affected skin.


Are you considering a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, but are worried about the aftercare? Don’t be. 

The aftercare for semi-permanent makeup eyebrows is straightforward and easy to fit into your daily routine.

Following any beauty treatment or procedure, it’s highly recommended that you follow the aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible results.

And semi-permanent makeup eyebrows are no different.

What to Expect Immediately After the Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment

microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22
Firstly, the depth of colour of your eyebrows will be considerably darker than you may expect, but do not panic as this is completely normal.

Over the following four to ten days, it will begin to fade and may take up to four to six weeks for the true colour to come through.

Also, do not be alarmed if the colour seems to disappear during the healing process, this is due to layers of skin forming and is only temporary.

After the procedure is complete, you may experience a little discomfort around the eyebrow area which can be reduced by applying an ice pack. 

This will also help with any minor swelling that you may experience.

How to Care for Your Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Immediately After Treatment

Following your brow treatment at the beauty room London in Muswell Hill N10 (on the same day), you should also clean the area with a damp cotton wool pad every two hours. 

Then apply the cream provided. Remember to wash your hands before and after each application and to use a new cotton wool pad to avoid infection.

Ongoing Aftercare for Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

The day after your treatment and for the next four days, just apply the cream three times a day. Only apply a thin layer of cream to allow the skin to breathe.

Keep your hair away from your face in the first two days to avoid infection.
The treated area may experience the following symptoms for two to seven days after the treatment, which is completely normal

Dryness and itching

Don’t be tempted to remove any scabs by force that may form on the treated area as this may remove the pigment along with the crust.

Things you should avoid for 1-2 weeks

Soaps, facial cleansers, water on pigmented areas
Washing pigmented area
Chlorine pools
Retin-A on pigmented areas
Makeup on pigmented area for 5 days, including non-allergenic
Hot, steamy, long showers
Sun on pigmented areas
Jacuzzi or saunas
Terry towels on pigmented areas

Ideally, you should avoid water for at least one week, but that is not always possible. So, shower with your back to the water to avoid water, shampoo, and conditioner from getting into the pigmented areas.

Make sure you wash your hair with your head tilted backward to stop water running down you face.

Cover the pigmented area with a sufficient amount of the cream provided.

If the area does get wet, pat dry very gently with a clean towel or tissue.

How to care for your semi-permanent eyebrows long term

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows require very little maintenance. That is one of the reasons you are considering have them done, right?

You will find they last between one to three years with just an annual touch up required to maintain their perfect shape and their depth of colour.

Semi-permanent Microblading Eyebrows in London N10 
Muswell Hill

Hopefully, we have put your mind at rest concerning the aftercare required, and you are now ready to book a semi permanent makeup eyebrow treatment with Dovile.

Dovile is our microblading expert in the beauty room at Kay and Kompany salon, Muswell Hill, London N10.

We look forward to meeting you soon. 

Our Prices for Eyebrow Microblading

microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22
Microblading Eyebrows Hair Stroke Effect 
2hr 30mins - £250

Touch-up in 12 to 18 Months After treatment 1hr - £100

Our microblading prices for new procedures do include a 2nd free appointment between 1 and 3 months.

A £50 booking fee will be required to secure your reservation, but this is deducted from your final bill at beauty room London Muswell Hill N10.

Please Note - important info on microblading treatment

A free (prior treatment) consultation, which includes a 48-hour skin allergy patch test, is advisable. If you don’t have time for this, then we will require you to sign a client disclaimer/release form.   

Results of correctional procedures cannot be guaranteed as they are experimental in nature and success relies on the nature of the original application. Multiple treatments are often required. 

Annual retouch price includes one treatment only. If any further touch up is needed within 3 months’ time, an additional charge of £50 applies.

Annual retouch is recommended every 12-18 months of your initial treatment. Treatments maintained after 18 months will be charged at the full procedure price.

Special offers and New client discount are NOT valid for Eyebrow Microblading Treatments.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We are only able to treat clients over 18.

Eyebrow Microblading Permanent makeup is NOT SUITABLE for

  • Those under the age of 18 years
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  •  Diabetic
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  • Viral infections and/or diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • A Pacemaker or major heart problems
  • Had an Organ Transplant
  • Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
  • Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
  • Used Accutane in the past year.
microblading eyebrows semi permanant makeup in northlondon muswellhill kayandkompany beauty salon in n10 n22

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